Visitez-nous pour voir la différence.

Come visit and see the difference.

It all began with a wicker wastepaper basket…

In 1959 Henry and Suzan Zakay, owners of a hardware store in downtown Montreal, decided to try a new product: a wicker wastepaper basket. They put it in their store window at 88¢ each and in a short time they had sold thousands. Soon after, this same basket was transformed into a marvellous lampshade on a wicker woven Chianti bottle and that too sold in the thousands. It was experiences such as these that would redefine for the next 41 years the direction of our company.

By the early 1960′s, Henry and Suzan were wholesaling the largest selection of fine handcrafted products in Canada. Being pioneers in this industry, they were the first rattan furniture suppliers in Canada and they introduced to consumers for the first time many original furniture pieces still popular today.

In 1983 Albert and Gail Zakay took over the company and introduced many new styles of contemporary quality rattan furniture. With a new and larger warehouse came the in-house cushion production facility. This completed the next phase of expansion.

Robert Mocella joined the company in 1986 and immediately formed a close relationship with Albert. Over the next 25 years they formed a brotherhood and continued to grow the company. During this time the company expanded into many different areas. Outdoor resin furniture, patio rugs and umbrellas, bedding, lamps, etc.

In the spring of 2011, Albert and Gail decided to embark on a new challenge. Over the next few months the decision was made to sell the company. They were excited to know La Difference would continue the path that began in 1959. A new chapter was started on November 2nd, 2011. On this date, Robert, with his wife Anita, became the new owners of La Difference.

Robert and Anita are committed to building on the foundation the Zakay family started.

Throughout its existence, La Difference has been a family oriented business that has created close bonds with its suppliers, customers and employees. It has always aimed to offer the best quality rattan furniture. It will continue to respect the legacy that was started in 1959.